The non-media communication strategy of Levi’s and Diesel

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After studying the advertising strategy of Levi’s and Diesel, and because the closing time of our blog is very close… We would like to give you a brief overview of non-media communication operations used by the two brands to give you a complete idea of what strategic brand management means for these major brands.

Firstly, Levi’s uses social media to promote the brand through Facebook mainly ; Levi’s has got 22,341,544 friends compared to 4,257,210 for Diesel ! One month ago, Levi’s offered its customers the opportunity to come into the Levi’s store in Champs Elysées and customize their own jeans in the DIY studio for free ! They also contracted a partnership with Kanako, a famous illustrator for My Little Paris ; that allowed them to offer a denim bag illustrated by Kanako from 130€ purchase. This example of «drive in-store marketing» is a different way of managing communication by involving the customers, bring him back to the store and as such, reinforce brand awareness.


As for Diesel, the brand uses Facebook as well to promote new collections, showcase its products by posting some pictures of public figures wearing Diesel clothes / accessories etc. But as we’ve seen thoughout the last months, Diesel loves creating buzz, so that to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. Let’s take an example of a street marketing operation as part of the campaign « Be Stupid » that we mentioned earlier. Diesel launched very original and very interactive street marketing operations in France and Switzerland. The concept was simple : they put large blocks of ice in the street, that all formed together «Be stupid » and that all enclosed jeans. A sign stated that people who managed to break the ice could bring the product to the Diesel store to replace it with a real one ! This interaction was memorable, advertising was not necessary as it was exposed to such a mass audience that the word-of-mouth worked very well and reinforced the idea that Diesel is definitely an unconventional brand.

You can find more about this operation on the following link via Youtube :

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