The denim market competition


In the 1990s, the jean market was very active, but at the end of the century, it faced a very strong demand, with the development of new brands high-end designers who have installed a concept of fashion, trendy denim, even an essential luxury product. On the other hand with the emergence of product lines market like Zara, H&M, etc. The jean market has 
radically changed and Levis, which held a virtual monopoly of the market is now facing a strong competitionSince the 20th century, 
the overall market for denim keeps growing
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Therefore, the market saw 2 main profiles of competitors : direct and indirect.
New chain stores creating now Jean, such as Gap, launched affordable, less expensive than Levi jeans brands, which have attracted younger. 
These shops are thus capturing about 10% of Levi’s market shareConsequently, these brands 
now account for Levi’s new competitors but they are indirect competitorsAn indirect competitor 
is an actor who also sells other clothes of a relatively wide range (in other words, this is NOT their CORE BUSINESS). But indirect doesn’t mean that they are bad : they can be really dangerous, especially when it comes to luxury brands such as Armani, Guess and Calvin Klein
Conversely, direct competitors of Levis are for instance brands like Diesel, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans or LeeIndeed, these companies manufacture jeans and this activity represents the major part of their turnover : this is their CORE BUSINESS
Levi’s main competitors are Diesel and Lee Cooper. However, Levi remains the #1.
by Virginie
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