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The « Field of Levi’s » !


In November, Levi’s did a great marketing play !

In order to promote its commitment to sustainable development and recycling, Levi’s has covered with used jeans its Levi’s Stadium (a soccer field in Santa Clara, California, which serves as the current home of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League).

All jeans were placed on the lawn by letting appear in the centre the green and universal recycling symbol.

In just two weeks, the drive collected more than 18,850 pairs of jeans and they were used to create the “Field of Jeans”. After this drive all of the denims have been donated to Goodwill locations in the Bay Area.

A good way to show the impact of recycling clothes !

Take a look at the video 🙂


by Céline 

And if the denim jeans became again a Nîmes trademark ?


This is the challenge that motivated three young entrepreneurs by creating “Les Ateliers de Nîmes”, jeans brand impregnated by the Gard history: old looms, hessian called Sergé de Nimes designed for workers and farmers, well before Levis Strauss did make the world known 501.

Making reborn a disappeared expertise from its ashes: that is the craziest objective of Guillaume, Anthony & Werner … who proudly declare that the Levi’s & Jacob Devis patent regarding riveted pockets had been created well after the Nîmes famous and robust weaving process.

According to Guillaume: “At the time, Nîmes manufacturers wanted to copy the hessian of Gènes, they created the twill fabric which is a technique of weaving wool and silk. In truth, this hessian has nothing to do with the one used today. »

So, why did this know how suddenly disappear?

Our entrepreneurs explain this phenomenon by the Nîmes Protestants escape to the USA, during the edict of Nantes revocation.

Is the project ready?

After several prototypes, 3 hessians have been selected to launch the first collection of “Les Ateliers de Nîmes” … which will be available on January 2015. Still working with foreign suppliers, our frenchies have a final objective: produce a hessian 100% from Nîmes in maybe ten years…


If you want to read more about this ambitious project, please click right here:

By Hugo

Made in Normandie Denim: a French ambition between tradition and quality!

Olivier Le Bas, a young student in management, has embarked on an ambitious adventure: producing Made in France jeans.

But not just any jeans! Olivier Le Bas is looking for the authenticity of the first jeans, namely, those worn by Californian gold miners of the nineteenth century. A true collector’s item!

Olivier Le Bas has selected for his jeans a Milanese high quality fabric. The fabric comes from Italy, but production will take place in France, in Orne (Normandy). An initial series of 100 jeans will be produced and sold on the internet for October 19, 2014.

If this first project is a success for his company, « Atelier de la Venise normande », Olivier Le Bas would like to take up a new challenge: producing jeans totally made in France!

A beautiful ambition that will certainly arouse the interest of people who like Made in France Selvedge Jeans!

See more :

by Céline