A quick overview of the denim market ! – Part 2/2

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Here is the continuation and ending of the article « A quick overview of denim market ! ». Let’s see together some European and Asian brands…

  • Some European Brands


Diesel is an Italian brand that was created in 1978. It has become an international brand in the early 90s and became particularly famous for his faded jeans from the 2000s. Most of denim are still produced in Italy, through the very specific methods of the Italian brand. Diesel has developed its product range over the years and is now selling different clothes and even perfumes. The brand is well known for its shifted and provocative communication campaigns (“Be Stupid”).

Price Range: 100€/300€

Website: http://www.diesel.com/



This French brand was founded in 1985. APC is an acronym for “Atelier, Production and Creation”. The fabrics are woven on ancient weaving looms and they are not subject to any treatment or washing. The brand became famous for many years by taking old worn jeans to recycle and then offered a 50% discount on a new pair of jeans.

Price Range: 150€

Website: http://www.apc.fr/

a-p-c-logoDNM Pieces

DNM Pieces is a French brand founded in 2013 that advocates made ​​in France production. The jeans are made in the North of France, in a workshop of Roubaix with French (and sometimes Japanese) fabric. Northern France was formerly a large region of internationally recognized textile industry. Producing jeans in France involves Premium prices. The name of each denim of the range is a multiple of 7, a number that brings luck.

Price Range: 180€/200€

Website: http://www.dnm-pieces.com/



Nudie is a Swedish denim brand that has been founded in 1999 and now sells its products in around twenty countries. Collections are mainly composed of raw jeans. More recently, Nudie has launched a range of denims that are crafted with organic cotton. The brand attaches importance to transparency about manufacturing processes or the origin of its fabric.

Price Range: 100€/200€

Website: http://www.nudiejeans.com/


  • Some Asian Brands


This venerable brand was created in Japan in 1961 and was one of the first to make raw denim popular in Japan and abroad. Edwin is actually an anagram of Denim. In the early 1950s, the brand tried to replicate American jeans using Japanese weaving looms. Gradually, Edwin became world famous for its selvedge jeans. The brand opened a shop in France, at Paris in 2012.

Price Range: 150€/200€

Website: http://www.edwin-europe.com/



Uniqlo is a brand of Japanese textile established in 1949 and specializes in the manufacture and distribution of low-end clothing. Uniqlo means Unique Clothing. The brand opened its first store in France in 2007. Uniqlo denims are manufactured in Bangladesh with Japanese fabric, which enables to offer a very interesting price-quality ratio.

Price Range: 40€/60€

Website: http://www.uniqlo.com/


Momotaro Jeans

Although little known outside of Japan, Momotaro Jeans can be thought of as one of the most premium brand worldwide. Founded in 2005, the company is very much influenced by respect for the old ways of Japanese work: denims are manufactured on traditional weaving looms, with Japanese premium fabric. Of course, the production is entirely handmade. The will of the creator was to offer jeans that are superior in manufacturing qualities compared to what his competitors offer.

Price Range: 250€/400€

Website: http://www.momotarojeans.net/